Our decades-long experience together with our Finnish production process ensures reliable comprehensive service from an idea to a finished product. Our production includes all necessary processes of mould manufacturing.


Laitila Tooling has exceptionally long and extensive experience in design of different plastic moulds. The high expertise and quality of our design ensure a long lifespan and smooth plastic production.

We are using the best available design system - Siemens NX. We also offer you product critiques and mould filling analysis. All mould deliveries come with complete documentation, including 2D/3D files.



Our manufacture of all mould parts is based on programming of 3D models on machine tools.

Due to our long experience, our expertise in 5-axis programming is exceptionally advanced. This enables us to effectively manufacture complicated shapes and thereby ensures our success in the market. Our tool path programming is performed by Mastercam software.



We endeavour to manufacture all mould parts using 5-axis milling, avoiding unnecessary settings and attachments. Our competitive advantage is based on the efficiency brought by 5-axis milling. Dimensional accuracy and compatibility are ensured. We have several 5-axis milling machines with movement up to x1250 y1000 z1000, and the heaviest possible workpiece weight is 1500 kg. We will soon have in our stock of machinery a high- speed 5-axis milling machine - DMC 125 U for bigger moulds.



Wire cutting is a very precise steel machining method. This method enables us to achieve accuracies of even below 0.005 mm, and surface quality of the range of 0.1Ra-0.6Ra.

Our spark erosion and wire cutting machines are of Swiss quality, which enable us to achieve the accuracies and surface qualities required by moulds. 



In our production team we have a top specialist in mould surface polishing. We polish mould surfaces up to the SPI-SPE A1 level.

Assembly services and polishing of finished moulds are always carried out on a turnkey basis.

We employ highly experienced specialists in our assembly department.



Quality assurance at Laitila Tooling is carried out by continuous measurements of manufactured parts.

Dimensional measurements of moulds are carried out directly by the measuring program of the machine tool or an optical measuring device, by always comparing it with a 3D model. Optical measuring enables manufacture of mould spare parts without a drawing or a 3D model of the part.