Mould maintenance

We provide better guaranteed life and reliability for our moulds within an agreed program of regular mould maintenance and inspection. Our team ensures better service durability and uptime through the entire life cycle of the mould.

Our production shop is equipped with a 12.5 ton overhead crane, enabling us to manufacture and handle large-sized moulds.

Our maintenance covers also necessary overhauls, retrofits, and modifications of moulds made by other manufacturers.

  • Retrofit design and manufacturing
  • Mould cracks repair
  • Parting line repairs
  • Cleaning of thermoregulatory channels
  • Worn-out surface laser weld-on 
  • Surface renovation by spark erosion
  • Surface re-polishing
  • Surface treatment renovations
  • Parts cleaning with ultrasonic bath

Why to choose Laitila Tooling as a partner?

All our operations are guided by our strong values, which makes our service reliable.
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